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“It was as if for the remainder of his life he was condemned to carry with him the egos of certain people, early met and early loved, and to be only as complete as they were complete themselves. There was some element of loneliness involved—so easy to be loved—so hard to love.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald (via charlie-dontsurf)

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“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open…”
-Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk (via e-goldsworthy49)

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"Burning Down The House"
by The Used

The Used | Burning Down The House

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"Green Eyes Don't Lie"
by Envy On The Coast

Green Eyes Don’t Lie | Envy On The Coast

So did the thought cross your mind?
That there is something more to life
Than bed sheets and blankets full of lies.

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Your Touch || The Black Keys