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I Wanna Be Yours

Bitey extended her hands out towards Eli, a silver necklace falling between the gaps in her fingers: it was a sterling silver key. He gently transferred the necklace from her hands to his, their eye contact never breaking.

“I am giving this to you as promise necklace…” she began, “As cheesy as it may be, you are holding the key to my heart. For two years you have, but this is my physical representation.”

He was silent as he turned it over, observing the metal as if it were her fragile emotions he was holding. It read:

                                            Elijah & Billie

She had dragged him out onto the lake at eight in the evening to give him this necklace. The perfect amount of stars peppered the sky, and the moonlight danced beautifully over their faces. A few months ago, she had let him know she wanted to marry him. This necklace was to confirm that confession; she wanted to show him that she was ready for anything he dreamed of wanting.

“Let me put it on you, baby.”

Billie was her born first name, a name only Eli knew. Bitey had been her nickname for as long as she could remember, and Eli still called her by that name – it was how he knew her. In the intense moments of ecstasy, he would let Billie slip past his lips, and it warmed her in ways she couldn’t dare explain.

Bitey couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

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shuts your mouth with my mouth because damn youre gorgeous

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