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are you writing with the same Eli-g?


I’m not. Eli-g stopped writing a long time ago. E-goldsworthy49 has been my permanent partner for a little over two and a half years now.   

That place is beautiful, baby - which makes it worthy of you. I was kind of thinking a night time wedding would be interesting. Lots of small, white lights illuminating the area. We'd have to find a photographer willing to take pictures in the evening, but I'm sure it's not impossible.

Elijah, you’re so sweet. <3

That sounds… breathtaking. I would love that. You’re going to look incredible in the soft, white light. I might not make it to the hotel room… ;)

October sounds fantastic. Are you thinking a Halloween wedding, or earlier? An outside wedding seems perfect. Did you have any ideas on locations?

A Halloween wedding sounds like a gorgeous idea. Would you want it to be themed?

I was thinking Toronto Islands. What do you think?

Hello my beautiful bride-to-be. Have you decided on a date yet? ;)

Mm… Hello, handsome. ;) I am thinking October. How do you feel about an outside wedding?

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All This Time | Eli + Bitey


Eli had spent all day preparing the evening. Hell, Eli had spent several months making sure tonight was perfect for him and Billie. He knew she would be dropped off by the taxi at any moment. All the hints and gifts would lead her here at 8pm, making all his plans work out to the last little detail. It was ten minutes until she was to be there,  and it felt like an eternity before the yellow vehicle was pulling up in front of him. He smoothed down his hair, and pushed his glasses up before walking over and opening the door for her. His dark grey button up and red tie complimented his dark dress pants nicely.

“Hello, beautiful.” Eli greeted her, leaning in to press his lips softly to hers. “Ready for your surprise?”

They walked with their fingers entwined, the scene slowly coming in view. A small passenger boat awaited them, decorated in twinkling lights and white roses. Eli turned to look at her, gauging her expression to see what she was thinking.

“Surprise.” He whispered, leaning over to kiss her temple.

Once they were aboard, the small boat glided slowly out into the water. After drifting for a few more moments, the bridge was far enough from them to showcase the sunset perfectly.

Eli had moved to stand behind her, a hand resting on either side of her holding the rails, his front against her back as she enjoyed the scenery. “Billie?” He asked into the back of her ear, moving just enough to let her turn around. “I love you.” His long fingers reached up and traced her cheek, moving down to his pocket, presenting the small, three stoned silver ring he had gotten many months ago. “Marry me?”


Bitey couldn’t believe her eyes. A boat was floating in the water, decorated with petals from her favorite flower and white fairy lights. Her lips parted as she sucked in a sharp breath. His plump lips pressed against her temple, and she met his jade eyes, her blue irises sparkling.

Her entire body tingled as they walked under the lights and stepped on each perfect petal. She wore a knee-length, dark blue dress, covered in black lace. Her shoes were heeled, but not high enough to be taller than her lover. Their lives had been the perfect combination of bliss and stress. When Eli surprised her with perfect moments similar to this boat scene, she was reminded of how lucky she is with him.

“It’s beautiful,” she sighed, her body as close to his as possible.

The weather was light and breezy. Her slender fingers grasped the metal rails in front of her, her eyes on the lowering sun. His warmth radiated as he held her in place, his chest pressed against her back, and his hands a few inches from hers. She hummed at the sound of her voice, turning around in the space provided for her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, closing the distance between their hips.

A smile pulled at her lips, relishing the sound of those three words in his smoky voice. It gave her chills, even though over two years had passed. She leaned slightly into his touch, his hand quickly moving to his jeans. Her eyes fell to their hips, and in his fingers was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

Internal tremors shook her hands, her left hand moving to cover her mouth in amazement. Tears filled her eyes as she met his smoldering gaze, her head already nodding. “Yes. A million times, yes.” 

Just like old times. ;P

Just like old times. ;P

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